The must know terms for project management

Project management is the most crucial part to run a business successfully, and it becomes a more critical task when the business is related to the IT industry. IT project management is an area of work which needs full-on attention towards the project requirement, deadline, completed and pending task for the project completion. With this post, we the 1-IT consulting services will discuss the must know and important terms for the project management.

Being a project manager, an individual has to manage and observe several things at the same time, which are as:

Client and developer Communication and Sealed Commitment

As a project manager and to manage and complete particular projects with assured success, you are responsible to take care of the conversation between the client and the developer and the closed commitment between both the parties. Also, it’s up to a project manager to arrange a time to time calls and meetings with the client to discuss the project and its overall report about the yet completed tasks and issues.

Understanding the Project Requirement

It is must for a project management team and an individual project manager to be aware of each ongoing and upcoming trends and technology. It will help them to understand the client’s requirements for an IT project in a better way. A better project understanding will encourage you to deliver the perfect growth solution.

Time Estimation

After knowing and understand the project and its requirement, a project manager is liable to discuss the project with the team and then to decide and give the time estimation to the client for the project completion. Besides this, a project manager also have to take care of the given deadline and the day to day project recovery.

Planning and implementation

Before to start working on any major or minor project, planning and strategy is the most important agenda. A proper project development and structured strategy will be very helpful for the team of developers to process the project in implementation.

Project Cost and its Variance

Based on the project worth, time requirement and team members count and other things, a project manager is responsible to fix the entire project cost. Also, they can vary the cost is they notice some extra work in the same project. For a better commitment and trust buildup, its good for both the parties to make a legal agreement for this.

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