Are you planning to move your application on the cloud? Read this post before

As seeing the per day enlargement in the science and technology almost every individual is looking to set their business on the cloud because in today’s age running a business on the cloud server is the best option to grow a business with the fastest pace in all manner. Therefore, utmost every business owner is liking to move their offline business on the web server to gain incredible success and profit in their business, no matter what’s the theme, prospect and product oa a business is. For this purpose, a mobile application is the best way.

If you are also one of the individuals who is looking to move your business on the web cloud server through the medium of a finely structured, well developed and fully functional mobile application, then you must have to read this post. Through the medium of this blog post, being a worldwide IT consulting service provider we are going to suggest you some important to keep in mind when to plan, develop and launch a business application on the cloud web server.

Before to set a business on the cloud server must check your audience’s interest and do complete market research about the need of product and the market competition along with the business enhancement strategies of your business competitors.

Based on the market research and latest trend make a unique concept for the development of your business application in the in-demand application development stage. For this purpose, you must have to go to an IT consulting service provider firm, because it is the only place where you will get a classy and outstanding suggestion.

Always make sure that your business mobile application can run freely without any interruption. Customers like to use only that mobile application which is nice in looking and easy to use.

Alongside this, whenever you are going to upload and launch your application on play store or cloud server, make your audience aware about an application is soon going to be launch. In this way, you can inform the audience about the app, its features, and importance. It simply means that you need to promote an application to engage more customers. For the app promotion purpose, you can go ahead with several social media channel and promotional tricks.

Top 5 Business Intelligence Trends for 2019

The past decade has been the witness of an amazing revolution in business growth and intelligence. Particularly the year 2018 has seen the biggest changes in business growth and the IT industry. The changes and trends that are set in the present year will also continue in the upcoming year in 2019. For a change or in the shape of updates these changes will get more evolve in the business growth intelligence in the near future. To get updated and become familiar with these changes, every time you need to keep your eyes on. As an emerging, IT and business growth consultancy and solution provider, are going to update you about the top ten business intelligence trends for the year 2019.

AI- Artificial Intelligence

Based on the survey reports and calculations, the Artificial Intelligence technology has established a major trend and becomes the most preferred and strategic technology and interact, users, attention with its outstanding behavior and environment.

Data Quality Management and Data Discovery

It put an amazing impact in the present year in the working technique towards the data management and as per the latest reports of business management research, the data recovery holds the top third position in the upcoming business management and intelligence trends of 2019. In a way towards business growth, this technique requires a deep understanding and strong bond with the company and its data to prepare a well-maintained database based on the analysis of a particular company.

Connected Clouds

Today utmost each organization prefer to move their entire data to the cloud, whether it’s personal or professional. The cloud is not new for those are having deep knowledge and updated with the IT and business enhancement trends. While still a few entrepreneurs and startups are looking to learn the real concept of cloud. Data sources, data model, cloud computing and analytics, etc. are listed as a basic element of the cloud.

Data Security, Digital Ethics and Privacy

Data security and trust are two main factors for which each individual or business owner is worried about. So, due to being the best solution with the same, data security and privacy sets a big trend in data management and analytics ethics towards the data management and its complete security.

Consumer Experience

Customer engagement and analytics will be one of the most focused trends in the upcoming year as well as the customer behavior, journey analytics, customer engagement and interaction will be the most impactful success formula for the business person to enhance business in 2019.

The key features of our IT consultation services

Towards the entire IT industry, we like to keep our main focus on one of it’s most in-demand sector. Yeah!! The growth of the business industry with information technology. The few extraordinary and sharp mind tech legends give a worthful gift to us by inventing numerous technical gadgets and their development platforms in the form of so many technologies such as Xamarin development, iOS, and Android development, etc. These technologies are used in the creation and development of software and mobile applications for various purposes, and these apps and software plays a vital act in the growth of a business.

We are IT lovers and till date, we performed so many researches and deep studies about several sections of information technology. So, being a well skilled IT consultation service provider firm, we are a team of certified developers, programmers, and marketing experts who all believe to deliver the best possible for the business enhancement prospect of our clients. In the direction of providing the solution we make some rules and we like to follow them strictly because we trust that these are not just rules these are our key features which improves the popularity of our firn and as well as it improves our performance and encourages us to deliver the best possible solution each time.

List out the key features of consultation services of 1-IT consulting:

  • Every team member of our firm are well skilled and certified, and they like to keep themselves updated about every latest running and upcoming trend and event of the technical world.
  • Before to deliver the consultation to any of our clients, we like to know everything about their business, business strategy, and previous history of their business growth plans. After that, we create a new business growth plan, alongside this, we provide them a software or app development if it is required for their business and business benefit.
  • We believe that a business is like a child who requires take care for 24*7, due to this we are available all the time to feed our clients for their business concern.
  • Not merely in the IT sector, we are also delivering the effective business marketing consultation solution, because a business didn’t get its identity and limelight without marketing.
  • We understand the growth dream of every business owner, no matter what’s the level of their business is. It’s possible for everyone to expand a high amount on taking consultation services that’s why we are providing the IT consulting services without making the burden on our clients pocket.

Take our IT consultation and win the business growth battle

Are you still using old business enhancement techniques?

Are you feeling stuck in between the wide business competitors?

Are you facing any kind of trouble in your business growth?

Are you looking or planning to set your business or its branch at any other location or city?

Are you looking to get the higher level and beneficial IT consultation?

If your answer is yes, for all the above questions, then 1-IT consulting is just for you. We are expert technical and business enhancement consultants and did a deep research about each aspect of technology and market trends. Based on these researches and with our years of experience, today we are proudly delivering our business growth consulting services all over the world. In which we suggest to our clients that where they are lacking and how they can improve their brand awareness in between the audience and how they can attract and engage more users towards their brand.

As we are breathing in the modern age, that’s why we are providing IT consulting solutions in a creative and innovative way. To run a business in the niche market successfully with making sufficient profit, a business owner has to face several challenges that generally comes from the rival parties. These rival parties are none other than their business competitors. It’s not possible for you to beat them without taking any consulting services because you did not have an idea about their business strategies, targeted market or industry, and other business growing aspects.

For this, you have to take advice and suggestion from a leading IT consulting service providers like 1-IT consulting. Here, we believe to convey the perfect business enlargement consultation solution which will surely work to improve your brand identity and to beat the competitors as well. Before to provide the solution, first and foremost, we like to discuss with our clients about their business, product, growth issues along with their competitors, also we like a do a complete research about the business strategies of their competitors. After understanding all the things, we deliver a perfect business growth solution to each of our requested client.

Apart from this we also trust to provide consultation solution to our clients who are planning to shift their business in any other location. All the time we believe to deliver a worthwhile solution without making burden on the bank balance of the clients.

This is how 1-IT consulting will threw away all your business troubles

Although you a startup or an owner of a well-established business, at the end of the day, most of the time you need someone to consult and discuss with all the issues of your business. That how your business is doing well or where it is lacking something. Yeah, that’s the exact time when you need to go to a consultant, and not just to a simple consultant, but this is the time when you need an IT consultant as this is the modern age where every individual and each business is completely depending on several technologies, technical gadgets, and software, which makes human life simpler and easier by delivering a new level of comfort zone to do each personal and professional task.

In the same direction, the professional team of IT consulting provider of the 1-IT consulting services will feed you up with all the classic and valuable solution for each of your business growth issues. With our offshore business enlargement solution, we believe to deliver the tech-based solutions to all the clients across the seven seas. For sure our consulting solutions will reach your business empire to the new height of success along with the buildup of numerous clients.

List out the three major advantages of taking consulting services from 1-IT consulting:


To consult and discuss anything a clear way of communication is must. We communicate with each of our clients in a well-mannered way through which they can easily understand the solution that we tell them.


Anyhow, we did not trust to make a commitment on which we did not rely on. By trusting on the fact that words have the utmost power to make or destroy a relationship whether its a personal or professional term. We always love to commit the things that will work towards the client’s profit.


We know very well, that how a person is possessive and concern about their business and it’s overall growth and performance. Likewise, a business market can go through so many crust and trough and due to this, any time a business looking to get some consulting help. This is the reason we are all the time available to assist our clients with the top-notch consulting service for all the issues.